Mini-Camps (G. 1, 2)

Grade 1, 2 Mini-Camp

A 1.5 hour skill development and team training experience.

How are grade 1, 2 mini-camps structured?

  • 45 minutes - skill development and athletic movement training
  • 15 minutes - break, team bonding, snacks/drinks
  • 30 minutes - small-side games, transition play

Why mini-camps instead of individual practices?

Team Bonding - The mini-camp structure allows for additional team bonding time during break. This will help our young players develop relationships with their teammates and enhance team chemistry.

Higher Level of Focus - When our teams are training, we want there to be 100% focus on getting better and growing as a team. A mini-camp structure allows players the appropriate amount of time to settle into the training environment.

Simplify Transportation Needs - We understand how busy family schedules can get. The goal is to make the transportation life easier for families. Fewer trips to training = more time for family, friends & other activities.

More Opportunities for Development - The mini-camp structure allows our coaches to accomplish more from an instructional standpoint. Additional time in between practices provides our coaches with an opportunity to review skills, motions and team concepts.


Marc Quarles