Committed to the DEVELOPMENT of our player’s
athleticism and lacrosse skill-set.

Balance of individual competitiveness, highest level of team play and FUN.

High level of COACHING efficacy and investment.

Clear and consistent COMMUNICATION at all times.

In our view, the player always comes first and is at the center of all learning. We value our parents as partners in the player development journey. Players and parents are the main stakeholders and provide a foundation for all of our programming. College recruitment is NOT our focus but rather a result of our program's core beliefs.

Snapshot Preview

  • Highly selective regional lacrosse program
  • Programming based in Simsbury, CT
  • AA tournament teams for grade 3 - 11 (1-2 teams per grade)
  • Training offered in fall, winter and summer for grade 1 - 11
  • 100+ participants in fall 2017 - summer 2018 program
  • 2WAY coaches have helped over 500+ student-athletes play college lacrosse at NCAA Division I, II or III level

99% Retention Rate

We strive to provide an outstanding lacrosse experience. We place a high value on welcoming new players. Equally as important, we also are extremely proud of our high rates of player/family satisfaction and retention (99% last year).

We are confident this is a testament to the growth our players experienced as a athlete, person and teammate.


2WAY Lacrosse means playing both offense and defense. The high school and college rules increasingly favor the 2WAY player in every position (attack, midfield, defense, goalie).

  • Our attackman not only learn how to dodge, feed & score, they are also taught to ride, create turnovers and get ground balls.
  • Our midfielders are coached to be “do-it-all” midfielders. We teach them how to score, play defense, push it in transition, stop transition and get ground balls.
  • Our defensemen not only learn how to stop the ball, they are also taught the necessary skills to push it in transition to create offense.
  • Our goalies not only learn how to stop the ball, but also how to create offense and transition play through passing ability, communication and stick-work.

We help each athlete become a complete lACROSSE player.