2WAY believes in a long-term athletic development approach to youth athletics. We think the most well rounded athletes, over time, become the best players in each individual sport.

2WAY offers flexibility to accommodate the multi-sport athlete. The long-term benefits of playing multiple spots outweigh the short-term benefits of strictly focusing on lacrosse.

2WAY is a place for our players to not only compete at the highest level of club lacrosse but also have fun, be creative and thrive.

How We Develop Our Players

Our coaches emphasize the teaching of fundamental skills, not tactics, to improve physical literacy.

  • We have very minimal structure and set plays. We teach skills and “motions” that translate directly to tournament play.
  • Players in our program are taught to react on their own based on the skills and motions learned in training sessions.

Our coaches encourage our players to practice outside of their comfort zone.

  • Working consistently out of your comfort zone enhances skill development and moves players towards reaching their full potential.


Multi-Sport Athletes

We have designed a program that offers flexibility to accommodate the multi-sport athlete. For those who love playing multiple-sports, we do not want them to feel pressured to choose one or the other.

Players need to understand physical literacy and fundamental movement skills before focusing entirely on lacrosse skills. This process provides players with a much broader set of athletic movements that in turn will help them in each of their individual sports.